Five Things About Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews That Will Change Your Perception

patrick mahomes and his Wife

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, is one of the best NFL players in the world. In his short career so far in the league, he has achieved much more than many legendary players. The Chiefs are a force to be reckoned with, primarily due to the excellence of Mahomes. Apart from his excellence in the field, Mahomes is relatively stabilized when it comes to his personal life.

He recently married his long-time girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, in Hawaii. Matthews and Mahomes have been together with each other since they were in high school. The couple is always in the news, as they are often seen together in public. Brittany Matthews attends almost every game of the Chiefs. Unsurprisingly, due to her charismatic personality, she catches the eye of the people very quickly.

However, Brittany and Jackson Mahomes (Brother of Patrick Mahomes) have quite often found themselves in bad situations. Notably due to altercations with the fans of the opposing team. Apart from that, she is an essential person in Patrick’s life, who has supported him from the start.

Here are some unique things about the wife of Patrick Mahomes – Brittany Matthews
Brittany Matthews is a personal trainer
Brittany is usually very active on her social media accounts. Everyone has seen that she is a fitness fanatic, as she mostly posts images and videos related to her being in the gym. She’s a certified personal trainer and boasts a B.S. in Kinesiology. It will be fair to say that Patrick Mahomes won’t need to consult during the offseason, as he has a physical trainer at his home.

Brittany Matthews is friends with Kayla Nicole, the girlfriend of Travis Kelce
Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are very good friends both on and off the field. Unsurprisingly, their soulmates are also good friends with each other. Both Kayla and Brittany hang out with each other. They also attend the games of the Chiefs together.

Brittany is an animal lover
Brittany Matthews loves animals. She has two dogs at her home. Brittany, along with Pat, has a Pit Bull and Cane Corso duo. Their names are Silver and Steel Mahomes.

She has been dating Patrick Mahomes since 2013
Mahomes and Matthews attended the same school. They have been dating each other since their high school days. They finally turned this 9-year-long relationship into marriage as they eventually married in Hawaii on 12th March 2022.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany have a 1-year-old daughter named Sterling
Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have a 1-year-old daughter named Sterling Mahomes. She was born on 20th February 2021. Sterling also has been seen quite frequently with Brittany whenever the Chiefs are playing.

Patrick with family

All these qualities show that Brittany Matthews is the perfect wife that Patrick Mahomes would have asked for. Notably, her loyalty proves that she was there with him from the start, when nobody believed in him. Certainly, they are soulmates and are made for each other. Which aspect of her did you relate to most? Write your answer in the comment section.


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