Patrick Mahomes on new OT rule: ‘Find a way to win the game’

patrick mahomes


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is aware of the NFL’s new overtime rules, and evidently, he thinks it’s neither here nor there. Mahomes said: “Your job is to find a way to win the game, no matter how long it takes”. As relayed by OutKick’s Meg Turner, the NFL passed a new rule that will allow both teams to possess the ball during OT. Previously, if the first team with the ball scored a touchdown in overtime, that was it — game over.


Patrick in action

Of course, Mahomes knows all about overtime. It was his Chiefs who stunned the Buffalo Bills in the AFC playoffs this past season by getting the ball first, scoring, and moving on. (Then the Chiefs lost to the Cincinnati Bills in the AFC Championship game). Per the New York Times, there have been 12 overtime playoff games since 2010. And the team that had the ball first won 10 of them.


Patrick in action

The new rule is likely to make things a little more fair, as opposed to it being a case of whoever wins the coin toss stands a good chance to win the game. “I’m sure there’ll be moments where you feel like it’s a good decision,” Mahomes said. “But then there will be moments when you score that touchdown first and you feel like it’s a bad one. So you just go out there and play and try to win the game whatever way.”


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