R. Kelly Reveals Shocking Message From Alleged Victim’s Mother To Her Daughter Joking About Singer’s Age

R. Kelly’s team has been working overtime to try to convince a New York judge to only sentence him to 10 years in prison — and not 25 years like the government has demanded.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the disgraced singer laid out all his arguments for a short prison term ahead of his sentencing on June 29.
Back in September, a jury found the I Believe I Can Fly singer guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering. Multiple women took the stand to describe the abuse they allegedly suffered at the hands of Kelly.

Many alleged victims described strict rules they were forced to follow being sucked into Kelly’s orbit. Prosecutors said Kelly and his associates ran a scheme that recruited young women for the singer to abuse.
In a recent motion, Kelly argued the case presented by prosecutors was weak despite a jury finding him guilty. He said the government has argued for him to receive a harsh sentence for a variety of reasons.

One reason cited by prosecutors in their argument for a lengthy prison sentence was Kelly violating parents’ trust. They argued one alleged victim — who was identified as Jane in court documents — was sent to Kelly by her trusting parents.

Kelly allegedly promised to help the young girl with her musical career and she moved in with him.

“The record shows that Jane’s parents directed Jane to lie to [Kelly] about her age and then encouraged her to seduce him in April 2015 when she was 17 years old,” he claimed.
He also said text messages between Jane and her mother reveal that Jane’s mother wanted [Kelly] to promote Jane’s music career by commencing a romantic relationship with him.”

In his motion, Kelly said the government seeks to “sanitize the facts of this case.” He said the evidence shows that after Jane met [Kelly] for the first time, she immediately began traveling with [Kelly] and never returned home.”
“Nothing in the record suggests that Jane’s parents objected to this relationship. The evidence shows quite the opposite,” his lawyer wrote.

He then revealed a bombshell text message sent by the mother to her daughter. “Indeed, Jane’s mother jokingly told her daughter weeks after Jane met [Kelly] that her son-in-law was going to be older than her.”


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